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Where to find the best Plus Sized Swimsuits


You may have mastered the art of dressing your curves, but the summer is here and have you mastered the art of dressing your curves in a swimsuit? Finding a flattering and cute plus size swimsuit is as hard as finding a pin in a haystack. All the pretty pieces are always in smaller sizes, and even for sites that claim to offer plus size swimsuits their sizes suddenly stop at 26 whereas you may be a 32. Below we talk about some of the most flattering plus size swimsuits and where you can find them online.

  • The ruffled swimsuit- Ruffles are a cool way to hide areas around your midsection that you might not be comfortable showing. They are also stylish and one of the trends to look out for this summer. A ruffled Tankini will make you feel comfortable and stylish without looking like you are hiding anything. The ruffles also take the eye up and down making you look slimmer.

You can get yourself one of these ruffled Tankinis from

They are available in sizes starting from 1X all the way to 3X.

You can also get it in various colors from target:

Or from

  • Look for prints- Polka dots or colorful prints will add some life to your swimsuit completing the summer look and adding some life to your swimsuit. Go for simple prints like little polka dots or lines that accentuate your waist area. Bold prints might draw attention to the wrong places hence you may want to avoid them. You can also have the prints on the upper body and have a plain shorts or vice versa depending on where you want to draw attention to. You can mix and match print pieces and have them either as Tankinis, bralettes or even a fit a flair. Shop for these lively swimsuits from


Or Amazon

  • Colorful prints: It is summer so there is no offense if you choose to play with a little bit of color and add that beachy vibe to your swimsuit. Colourful prints will take the attention away from parts that would not like to be emphasized.

Get yourself a colorful overwrap Tankini from

Or a ruffled, floral, peplum one piece from Torrid

  • Detailed neckline: From halter necks, sheers to off-shoulders. A stylish neckline will not only make your swimsuit fashion-forward but will also draw attention to your collarbone and shoulders depending on design. Off-shoulders have been quite a stable trend and seem to be making its way into the summer again. An alter neck with a bit of crisscrossing straps will give your swimsuit a sexy edge.

Get this stylish pieces from;

and this flattering piece with a peekaboo

Also from;

  • High-waisted two piece-Channel your Ashley Graham in this flattering two-piece. While some plus size women may prefer one-piece plus size swimsuits, others want to show some skin, and this high waisted two piece is the perfect swimsuit. Available in various prints and designs, the high waisted bikini will accentuate your bust and hips while making sure your midsection remains snatched.  Structured two-piece suits are also great as they give you some definition like this piece from;

You can get one of these from; Or


  • Fabric; Look for fabrics that allow for a bit of stretch. This is especially important just in case you get the sizes wrong. You should however not compromise too much if the swimsuit is ill-fitting. Fabrics with a bit of sheer coverage in the right places will make your look sexy if that’s what you going for. Get these pieces from;
  • Dresses and Skirtinis- If you are going for a modest look and want everything covered then this is the direction you should be looking. You may be looking forward to a fun-filled time at the beach and have no intention of having to keep looking if your behind is well covered. The dress swimsuit and skirtini which can be paired with a matching tank top or bralette will give you that girlish or ladyish look without making you feel uncomfortable or pushing you too far from your comfort zone. You can find one with a lower back or deep v-neck or criss-cross on the side. You can buy a dress swimsuit from;

Or a Skirtini from

You can also go for bold laced cutouts like in this swimsuit;

Or find intricate details that will just take your swimsuit from boring to a statement maker like these pieces from Amazon;


Whichever piece you go for, remember confidence is key and rocking the right plus size swimsuit can make a huge difference. Happy summer shopping!




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