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What does your playlist say about you?

Music is incredible isn’t it, you hear a song, and it can bring back a memory or a feeling instantly. I have so many songs that hold sentimental value to me. Some songs bring happiness some bring sadness, but I love them both the same. The words flow like honey attached to my life. Songs that were played at funerals, birthdays, while kissing someone, first dance with someone. The first time you made love to someone. Music is magical and as with a lot of magical things its hard to put it into words. But we all know the feeling.

What is your favorite song? It’s hard for me to answer this question because I have so many depending on my mood and what I’m doing. At the gym, If I’m lifting weights, I usually resort to something loud with a steady beat like rock or rap, if I’m biking or running I like audiobooks. If I’m writing I want to listen to jazz, there is this youtube channel called chill study beats its like jazz, and hip-hop beats with little to no words but its relaxing and helps me focus.

There are so many amazingly talented artists in every genre of music, and there are so many apps that help them showcase those talents. Technology has a huge hand in helping people get their name out there, if you scroll thru YouTube, Musically, and Snapchat you can see some really talented individuals doing their thing. I know there are a lot more but those are the ones I see the most. What are your favorite apps for music?

My mom used to listen to the Beatles and Phil Collins a lot when I was younger. I never listen to them really as an adult myself, but if a song comes on, I know every word. Country music has always been a love-hate relationship. I like certain artists like Sam Hunt, Randy Houser, and Rodney Atkins to name a few; their music has a great sound that makes you feel good. I lived in Montana when I was younger for a little while, and it reminds me of that. County also reminds me of riding my aunt’s horses on her ranch when I was little. Makes me want to pour a glass of whiskey (which is my favorite drink by the way) and hang out with close friends.

I would love to hear what your favorite song is, and the meaning behind it. They say you can learn a lot about someone from there playlist, I couldn’t agree more.

2 thoughts on “What does your playlist say about you?

  1. Search says:

    Music is amazing. I’m in awe of that talent. I don’t know if I have a favorite song either. I guess through the years I’ve had a range of music that was my go to at any given time. I usually like soulful singer songwriter stuff. I also like some cheesy pop music. But also indie artists and some folk music. I’m all over the place but one thing is for sure, I’m not good at knowing who sings what. 😬 But I do love Adele, I had a Feist period and a Regina Spektor. And okay, I’ll admit, Ed Sheeran’s voice is smooth like butter.

    • Tateonna says:

      Love it! I have such a wide range in my playlist also, everything from the old Taylor Swift to 21 Pilots and Tracy Chapman. I couldn’t agree more about Ed Sheeran!

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