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Wake up and Workout

Some days going to the gym is quite the ordeal. There is a whole morning debate that happens in my head. First, the alarm clock goes off, and all you want to do is lay there and fall back into blissful sleep, you lay there tossing and turning fighting against your better judgement to just wake up Then you think of your goals and realize that laying there isn’t going to help you reach any of them, and then there’s always the ice cream you ate last night. So you sleepily feel around for your phone since you fell asleep scrolling thru Twitter you find your phone tangled up in the blankets and proceed to squint your eyes to focus on the insanely bright screen. Opening the gym app you see the class you want starts in forty-five minutes. Well, maybe I’ll just do yoga, knowing this is supposed to be your weight day. You look at the yoga app and the class starts in thirty minutes. Maybe I should just stay home you think. You lay there contemplating life for a minute then the thought process begins.

Me: Hmm well I probably won’t make it that’s way too soon

Reality: The gym is only 10 minutes away and it takes 10 mins to get ready.

Me: None are my friends are going so maybe I shouldn’t either.

Reality: Really? That’s a weak excuse and you know it. Man up!

Me: I have nothing to wear

Reality: Look at your closet you have ten pairs of Fabletics staring you back in the face waiting to go workout.

Me: I have to much to do today

Reality: You will be more productive and focused if you get your butt out of bed and to the gym.

“Okayyyyyyyyy,” I say out loud more to myself than anyone else, and I get dressed grab my water bottle and head out the door. Am I the only one that does this? What’s your pre-game morning like before the gym?

4 thoughts on “Wake up and Workout

  1. cheryl says:

    Great post and I can 100% relate! I actually do it before bed time and struggle real hard after counting the number of hours I *might* get if I sleep now. Usually I just try to set up my work out clothes beside me so I can get up and get dressed immediately so I don’t have time for excuses!

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