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Unplug and Plug In

Time to Really Wake up

It’s 6:30 in the morning and the alarm on your phone starts blaring. As you frantically look around for it the alarm gets louder and louder waiting for you to shut it off. There it is laying on the floor next to the bed because you must have fallen asleep with it in your hand. You finally hit snooze and then you take a quick glance at the sea of notifications on your lock screen. You want to go back to sleep, but you also want to see how many likes you got on that picture of you at Venice beach. Instagram: its_jakeee liked your post 24 minutes ago. Snapchat: xoxo_ashleyyy sent you a message. Tumblr: Check out this post by @foodporn. Facebook: Britney tagged you in a post. The list goes on and on. You unlock your phone and see that your picture only got 84 likes. You’re as salty as a freshly fried piece of SPAM. Your mood changes immediately and you start to ask yourself why you don’t get enough likes. You wonder why Lexi gets 200+ likes on her pics and you don’t. We get so wrapped up in likes and followers that we lose ourselves. We forget that life is so much more than that. Life isn’t about how many likes you got on a picture of some food you ate at a restaurant. Life isn’t about how many followers you have. When we die our lives aren’t measured by the number of likes we got or what famous celebrity retweeted our tweet. Life is measured by how big your heart is, and about giving more than you take. Life is about learning new things every day and loving people unconditionally and having an open mind. So I challenge you to challenge yourself and see if you can unplug from your phone/electronic devices for a whole day and see how you feel. Studies show that 50% of young adults admit to being addicted to their cell phones. Americans also spend on average 5 hours or more browsing or scrolling on our phones on a daily basis.

Be Real with Yourself Boo

About how many times a day do you check your phone? Too many to count right?? Coming from someone who is kind of, sort of, totally addicted to her phone, you probably think who is this girl and how is she going to tell me about unplugging from my phone. If you find yourself asking yourself how do I know if I am addicted to my phone, you probably are. Here are some signs and symptoms of possible cell phone addiction.

  1. If its the first thing you reach for when you wake up you may be addicted to your cell phone. When something becomes a vital part of your daily routine, it can and will affect your thinking and emotions. I read an article that says roughly 68% of adults sleep with their phones near the bed.
  2. Using your cell phone when you’re bored. Most people get this feeling of euphoria or excitement before or after using their cell phones. It releases a chemical in the brain that links happiness or excitement with our phones. So when you are bored or sad and down, we grab our phones in hopes of making us feel better.
  3. Becoming anxious or agitated when the cell phone is out of sight. Symptoms of stress, anxiety, or panic sometimes occur when we cant find our phones, or are separated from it indicate that you might have formed a dependency.
  4. Family and friends complain about your phone usage. If your friends and family tell you that you spend too much time on your phone, you might be addicted to it. It could be negatively impacting your family time or social life.

I want to challenge you to go a whole day with no electronics or cell phones. I know you can do it!! Rules

  1. Make your friends and family hold you accountable. No, you aren’t allowed to hold yourself accountable that’s cheating and totally biased haha!
  2. Unplug from phones, social media, computers, game consoles, etc. and plug into life! Go for a hike, ride your bike. Take your friend out to lunch.
  3. Sometimes logging out will help. Let’s be real, some of you may have even forgotten your passwords! LOL

One thing I’ve gotten out of leaving my phone behind or also just placing it on Do Not Disturb is being able to pay closer to the things around me. For instance, as much as I know it’s against the law, I tend to text and drive. I know I do, I’m a terrible person, but I’m a work in progress. I’ve realized texting and driving comes with tons of swerving which to some, may look like I’m under the influence. Let’s not forget those moments you’re so caught up in your phone that you ignore the street or exit you needed to get you to an important event. It’s just not a fun feeling. But as I was saying, I’ve managed to challenge myself. So with that, I’ve even managed to be more involved in the conversations I was having with my friends and family. I then began to feel a little crappy knowing that when I am near my phone, I’m not necessarily giving folks my undivided attention. We need to learn how to go back to the old days when we didn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles in one contraption. The days where you’d hang out with friends and find other forms of entertainment that completely involved you at 100%. I encourage you all to take this no cell challenge and pick up and oldie but goodie habit or hobby that includes the ones you love and see what a difference it makes. This is true happiness is. Being more involved in others than to always get instant gratification from seeing how many likes you get on a photo or views on your snapchat.


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