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Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil is a staple in our house. This simple ingredient has so many amazing health benefits that after reading this and trying it out for your self I’m sure it will be a staple in your home as well. One of my friends from Slovakia told me about it years ago and I’ve sworn by it ever since. Many people when I talk to them about oregano oil say “Oh like the one in spaghetti?”. You can actually cook with Oregano Oil but there are so many other uses and health benefits as well.

Powerhouse Phenols

Oregano oil is literally one of the most powerful natural supplements you can get. The powerful health benefits come partly from the Thymol and Carvacrol compounds in the oregano oil, both of these compounds are capable of killing harmful microbes in the body. The phenols in oregano oil have phenols that have anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties. Basically, it’s your own army in a bottle with a  ton of little soldiers that can fight off all the bad bacteria in your body. Here are a few of the top ways to use Oregano Oil.

1. To fight off a cold

Oregano oil boosts your bodies immune system. You can take it either directly on your tongue generally its 3-5 drops, or you can get it in a capsule form. We generally mix the drops into a little bit of orange juice since it can be a little spicy.

Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil


2. Helps build your immune system

Take a few drops of oregano oil and mix it with a little bit of coconut oil and rub in on the soles of your feet. This will also help clear the body of viral and fungal infections. On a side note, it will also help get rid of athletes foot.


Top Five Uses for Oregano OilTop Five Uses for Oregano Oil


3. Helps with sore muscles 

Take the same mixture as previously mentioned of oregano oil and coconut oil and massage into any sore muscles not only will you get the stiffness and pain relief in the tired muscles but it will help clear the body of toxins.

Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil  Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil

4. Can help get rid of Dandruff  

You can do this one of two ways because let’s be honest nobody wants an itchy dry scalp. You can either mix a few drops of oregano oil with a tablespoon of shampoo then wash your hair as usual or you can use the same mixture that you used previously with mixing the one ounce of oregano oil with four ounces of coconut oil and apply it topically onto your scalp after washing and conditioning and leave overnight. You can also mix the oil with jojoba oil or tea tree oil.

Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil

5. Helps with toothaches and Gingivitis 

Oregano Oil contains Thymol, which is an antiseptic and is used in many natural brands of mouthwash and toothpaste to help kill the bacteria which causes gum disorders.

These are only a few of the uses of this powerhouse oil. You can find it as most natural markets, Sprouts, Whole FOods most vegan shops carry it as well. You can also find it on Amazon make sure you get the one with at least 70% Carvacrol and you can also get it pre-mixed with olive oil which cuts down on the spiciness for kids. If you have any questions I would love to hear from you! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Top Five Uses for Oregano Oil

  1. Natonya says:

    I never knew Oregano oil had so many benefits! I’ve been having acne and taking Oregano oil will definitely help kill the bacteria naturally, which will save me money on seeing a dermatologist. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Picking up a bottle the next time I’m in Sprouts or Whole Foods 😁

    Natonya |

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