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Top Fashion Trends for 2018

The top trends in 2018 Summer Fashion.

It’s the flowery, warm, vibrant season again! You may be ready but is your closet ready? Summer is definitely one of those seasons to look forward to when it comes to fashion. With this in my mind, designers have been creatively finding ways to add an edge to the usual basics such as flower dresses, wedges, sunglasses and so on. This year’s fashion month featured some of the trends that you should add to your summer collection while being prepared to have all eyes on you;

Sheer Fabrics.

Over the past few years, sheer dresses have evolved and constantly found their way back to our closets. Sheer fabrics have moved from merely being suggestive to chic. This summer, layered sheer fabrics are making a comeback in a wide variety of fabrics. Expect to see the see-through effect in a variety of styles be it tulle, laying, or as overlays. This means you might have to invest in a good pair of full coverage undies if you intend to rock this look.


Chanel had the most practical pieces in their summer fashion this year, introducing stylish rain gear. Quite an unusual summer trend, is it? Plastic hats, gloves, and boots for those summer showers. While this may be high end, it can definitely fit into your everyday wardrobe.

Skin tight shorts.

With the Kardashians setting the standards for this trend, this somehow weird trend is making it’s way to peoples closets. Wearing denim skin tight shorts may be the most chilled way to rock this trend, but you might be seeing some skin-tight lace or cotton shorts too. Will you be rocking this trend?

Checkered patterns

The checkered patterns have been around for a while now, and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your closet. You can have it in vibrant tones; a fond reminder of childhood picnics, or black and white for an edgy look. These can be in the form of dresses, pants, skirts or even blouses. Whichever way you chose to wear it, make sure you rock one of this pieces this summer.

Polka dots.

Polka dots will never go out of style; well at least not in the 2018 summer. Polka dots are the perfect way to elevate your look from plain to chic. You have large to small dots on different colors and prints. The trend this summer is more of modern than vintage so find a way to incorporate this patter stylishly into your wardrobe without looking like you came straight out of the fifties.


While these pale pinks, blues, and yellows may have been dominant summer shades over the years, the 2018 summer pastels have extended it color range to include green and even lilacs. Get yourself a pastel coat, shoe or dress add that chic yet modern edge to your wardrobe.


Some of the stylish ways to accessorize your outfits this summer are by adding a pop of color or simply pieces that will elevate your look. You may choose to go for a simple dress under twenty bucks; add a few accessories, and you will look like you are straight out of a Chanel runway. Some of the trendy accessories this summer include;

Tiny Sunnies

Well, there was a time when rocking huge sunglasses was a thing; the bigger the sunglasses, the better but those days are not in the 2018 summer calendar. This summer, tiny cat eye sunnies are the trend. Celebrities like Rihanna have already been seen rocking these stylish sunnies in a couple of events. This trend is now the new way to rock sunglasses and is an effortless way to go from street to high fashion. What’s more, you can have these sunnies in vibrant colors such as blue, white or yellow.

Woven bags.

Woven bags made from natural material such as bamboo are now a trend that is not only making its way back to the beachwear section but is also becoming an everyday kind of accessory. These can come in any shape or size for your convenience.

Statement Earrings

You may be tired of this trend already but believe me, it is back once again this season and has no intention of becoming a minimalistic addition. If you love this trend then be ready to go over the top with your earrings regarding size and the best part about this trend is you can get them at pocket-friendly prices.

Tassel Earrings

There’s nothing as fresh, colorful and creative as tassel earrings this season. These pieces are the perfect way to add style and to make a statement. They come in muted greys, blues and pinks to bright yellows, maroons and even reds. You have to add this to your collection.


Mix and Match

Mixing and matching different colors is a trend this summer. You may have polka dots and a checkered skirt. Expect to see a lot more of print on print. This style is pretty easy to put together. Do not think about it much; simply go where your judgment leads you.

Dresses as Shirts.

There are so many ways to play around with this look. Play around with sizes and accessories to look edgy for instance a good belt will be a good way to put this look together.

Denim on denim

Denim is a must-have in every season. This summer denim on denim or a denim jumpsuit is the way to rock your denim. Add a cross-body bag, and your look is ready for the summer.

These are some of the trends for this summer plus some tips on styling. Be sure to get some of these pieces and share your thoughts on which trends are a yay or nay for you. Happy summer  2018!

2 thoughts on “Top Fashion Trends for 2018

  1. LinDiesel says:

    Good info for summer wear. I’ve always been one to wear the plainest of colors yet these past couple of years I’ve expanded my wardrobe. Thanks for the insight

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