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Thoughts before Work

Some days the struggle is real when we get ready to go to work. We all have those moments where we seriously contemplate if we want to go to work that day knowing we should. Our thoughts go on a rambling spree and take us along for the ride, ready or not. Knowing we have goals to hit and this is how we are going to make things happen. Takes money to make money, right? Here is my scattered thought process see if you can relate.

Do I have to wash my hair today? Isn’t that what dry shampoo is for? If I wait till tomorrow it’ll give me an extra thirty minutes to work on my blog and hang out with my family.

Where are my work clothes? Yep, still in the washer soaking wet. Let’s do a fast dry and hope that works.

Should I meal prep? I look in the fridge and see the package of raw chicken looking back at me. Powdered greens and protein bar it is.

Which shoes am I wearing today? Do I want to go thru the eight hours of foot pain to look a little extra tonight? Or do I want the comfortable shoes that are practical yet oh so hideous? Can comfort and sexy really be combined? No, I have not ever found that in a shoe and I have been through hundreds of shoes. Have you?

Making my way to my make up counter, keep in mind I have a slightly excessive amount of makeup. Doesn’t everyone needs ten shades of brown, after all, they have their subtle differences don’t they?

Fake eyelashes today or no? Hmm well if I go dark on the shadow then it doesn’t look finished to me without the lashes. Don’t have time. Light eye makeup and red lips it is. Argghhh now where is the red lipstick?

Somehow I have ten minutes left to get ready and I’m not even dressed. Sitting there in a towel with my hair half dry and no red lips.

Okay, natural look today it is, throw on my uniform and, now I have to do the high heels today to offset the lack of eyelashes and red lipstick. Hope it does the trick.

Now for my car keys, so thankful for the Tile invention. If I could only have one for my life lol.

Kiss everyone goodbye and out the door.

Yep forgot to put gas in the car and running late now. Well, they do say you still have thirty miles after the light comes on. I’m going for it.

Clocking in one minute after, and work has officially begun.

This is a typical daily thought process. Who can relate? What is your thought process before work? What are some of the funny thoughts that run thru your head?

One thought on “Thoughts before Work

  1. Linda says:

    HAHA! My life is a little similar. The struggle of adulthood for sure! Thanks for the giggles…

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