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  Picture Perfect Mothers Day for some brings to mind flowers and chocolates and all those warm fuzzy commercials of the picture perfect families with the mom smiling and hugging her kids, and the kids beaming holding up their gifts. Or the commercial where the husband is bringing home the flowers, earrings, or going on […]

We all do it Our society nowadays is very judgemental, to say the least, depending on what you are wearing will determine how people respond to you. I can feel you already shaking your head saying, “No, I feel like we are more open-minded than that, we are evolving.” Okay, well here is my argument for that. […]

Your Best Friend They are your go to, for every event. The perfect friend that never lets you down, never argues about where you’re going, quietly adapts to every situation. No, not a person I’m talking about your favorite pair of jeans. You know the ones when you slide them on it feels like home. The only jeans […]