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How to Take your Measurements for the Right Fit

Know your numbers

What are your measurements? It’s a simple question most good salespeople should ask when helping you find clothing. We have all been there, yes the jeans fit in the thighs and butt, but not the waist and the length is way off making you feel like your twelve years old dragging the back end of your jeans on the ground. Or the dress pants that fit everywhere but the length, or the button down shirt that needs the arms shortened, then there’s the dress that needs to be taken in. Yes, almost all of us are at fault for harboring these pieces deep in our closet without the proper measurements, with the promise to one day get them hemmed. We get in a hurry and just grab whatever size we have been accustomed to saying for the last few years because we tried on a pair of pants in a store and the 9 fit so if anyone asks we automatically say, “I’m a 9” without ever actually knowing what our real sizes are.

First and foremost get sized! You HAVE to know your measurements if you want anything to fit properly. You can have a friend do it with a flexible measuring tape, make sure its flexible you are not an inanimate object!. You can always grab one at Joanns, Michaels or Walmart. Sidenote this person measuring you should be your best friend in case you are not agreeing with the numbers she is giving you. She must be doing it wrong, you know your 5’8 and clearly not 5’6. So grab a bottle of wine, whiskey and or a beer, the flexible measuring tape and your friend lets call her Jessica. Got those 3 or 4? Good, you’re off to a perfect start. Now you want to go put on a bathing suit for accurate measuring. Hows it going? All set? Perfect! Now we have to have somewhere to write down these magic numbers you are about to find out, I suggest putting them into the note section on your phone so you always have them with you.

Now we are all set you have poured your wine and are standing in the room in your bathing suit on, your BFF and measuring tape right next to you with the note section open on your cell phone with the title, “My measurements”.


Let’s start at the hips. You’re going to stand with your feet about hip distance apart and your BFF Jessica is going to measure around the widest part of your hips. This is generally about eight to ten inches below your waist (belly button area). Then Boom, first magic number write it down in your note section next to the word hips.


Second, let’s do your waist, a lot of people tend to get the waist size and hip size confused but these are two very different numbers and if they are confused then your clothes are NEVER going to fit. Just think back to the old Sir Mix A lot song, “Baby got back” now he knew how to take measurements for a whole different reason but you know props to him for learning. Okay back to your waist. A lot of people say to generally wrap the tape measure around where you wear your pants but with all the pants options, and everyone wearing different styles we are going to say wrap it around where your belly button is. Where your pants would sit if you were wearing slacks and not your favorite low cut jeans or baggy boyfriend jeans. Nope right in the middle, let’s wait for Jessica to get this number. Done? Perfect! Okay now write it down in your notes next to the word waist.


Next is the bra size, this will help a lot when purchasing bathing suits, bras or online or strapless tops. Okay, Jessica put down the wine we are ready to go. This time Jessica is going to wrap the measuring tape just under your breasts around the rib cage, this is called obviously your underbust measurement. Write this down on a piece of paper this is not your final number ladies. Now comes the Math so hopefully, the wine hasn’t kicked in yet. Okay, ladies lets round your underbust measurement number UP to the closeWHITE AQUA WITH FLOWER PLUS SIZE DRESS Frontst even number to get your band size. Now one last step, you are going to subtract your underbust measurement number from your beloved bust measurement number, and Boom! DONE!! Well done ladies!!! Now you have your cup size. This is the letter size of your bra. Here is a chart to follow,

  • AA = 1/2″
  • A = 1″
  • B = 2″
  • C = 3″
  • D = 4″
  • E/DD (US) or DD (UK) = 5″
  • F/DDD (US) or E (UK) = 6″
  • G (US) or F (UK) = 7″
  • H (US) or FF (UK) = 8″
  • I (US) or G (UK) = 9″
  • J (US) or GG (UK) = 10″


On to the last one! Now we will get your bust size. Basically, if Jessica has ever wanted to work in Victorias Secret she will be fully trained after this. Your welcome Jessica. Now back to you. Stand comfortably with your arms by your side and Jessica is going to wrap the tape measure under your armpits and around your bust. And boom like magic you have your last magical number to put into your note section next to bust.

Now when you go online to shop or you are in a store, open your notes and purchase accordingly. A little tip for online purchasing is if all they show are odd or even numbers without measurements email the company and give them your measurements and ask which size would fit best. Most companies will respond right away because they want you to have a good customer experience and also they are avoiding a product return on their end.

Now use those numbers and have fun shopping!!


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