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How Garlic Can Benefit Your Health

Garlic is an amazing supplement that should be a constant staple in every diet. This might be the Italian side of me coming out but I love garlic in/on everything. All the best recipes have garlic; spaghetti, garlic bread, and lasagna. Little did I know what an immune system powerhouse it was, all I knew was it’s delicious! I know nobody likes garlic breath but here are a few reasons to not only like it but to absolutely love it!!

Garlic is a powerhouse against fighting colds and strep throat.

Garlic helps fight off colds, we always use it in our chicken soup. Another way is to take a clove of fresh organic garlic and mince it then put it into a glass of water and chug it. I’ve always done this for myself and my family whenever cold season hits. Garlic is also known for killing the bacteria that causes strep throat, it contains Allicin which has amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties. I’ve even seen people suck on a clove of garlic when they have strep as well. We all now that raw food is usually where the most benefits are found.

Garlic has been said to help lower cholesterol 

There are many studies that show garlic can significantly lower cholesterol. It does this by lowering only the bad cholesterol and not affecting the good which is what we all need.

Garlic can help lower blood pressure

You may be wondering how? It is able to help do this by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, this is a compound that helps widen your blood vessels. There are many studies that show that it does actually work. To get the best benefits you need to eat one to four cloves of fresh garlic per day. You can do this by mincing and mixing it into your eggs in the morning, dropping it into your salad dressing and blending it and baking it with your chicken or whatever you’re making for dinner. It goes well in most recipes.

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Garlic has so many different ways it can benefit your health.

Many people think garlic is an herb but it’s actually a member of the lily family, which I find pretty interesting. It also belongs to the onion and shallot family, which is why some people think of it as a vegetable. My go-to way of supplementing is usually to drink it raw in water.  Because garlic can be so strong I will eat a meal first or it will give me an upset stomach. It’s definitely worth looking into as a natural alternative to boosting your health and overall well being. Whether by supplement capsule, raw, or in your cooking, Every diet should include this super food. How do you take your garlic?

4 thoughts on “How Garlic Can Benefit Your Health

  1. LinDiesel says:

    Roasted on a Blaze Pizza with pineapple and jalapeño! LOL. In all honesty, the more garlic the better, for me. It not only helps your immune system, but the flavor it provides to food is life changing. Great read. Definitely learned from this one!

  2. Elizabeth Seal says:

    Ahh this is fascinating, I had no idea garlic could do so much! I absolutely love the smell of wild garlic in about May time, it’s so sweet, smokey and everywhere 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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