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Find Your Happiness

What makes you happy?. That in itself is a very loaded question. I remember the song, “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews. That’s a song that can make anyone smile, after all, who doesn’t like, “Raindrops on roses and silver white winters that melt into springs.”  Your thoughts are so powerful and what is sad is that we can be our own worst enemy. On the outside we can be smiling, confident, and look like life is picture perfect. Then on the inside of us, there is so much grey area, so much darkness, and confusion hiding within. The darkness that has been pushed down for so many years builds on itself, physical abuse that left mental scars, fears from past traumatic experiences, losing loved ones, addiction, verbal abuse, all things that cloud the windows to our soul and block the light from coming in. It’s like if you see this pretty, perfect, cupcake. Imagine it, its vanilla with soft pink icing and glitter sparkles, and on the very top is a bright red cherry that is perfectly sitting there. You grab the cupcake cut in it in half, and on the inside its gray, black, rotten, and all this dark matter comes rolling out.

Sorry for the horrible visual but now you know where I am coming from, it reminds me of how I was and how a lot of other people are as well. We all have our demons and battles that we fight inside our head that nobody knows about and we will be quick to say,” I’m fine” or, “Everything is great” with that signature all well to rehearsed smile an wink, when on the inside we are screaming for help. Your thoughts are so important for your mental well being. If you listen to a sad song, it brings back sad memories leaving you feeling down. Then you hear a happy, upbeat song, and it brings you happiness and energy. Your mind is powerful, to say the least, it makes you react to things the way you do and controls your physical body.

I just recently started researching meditation and yoga and doing,”I am” affirmations. There was a fantastic Podcast this morning on Oprah’s Super Soul conversations and she was interviewing Wayne Dyer, and he said another name for God is, “I am”, and God is within all of us so when we say things we should start by saying, “I am” I am happy, I am motivated, I am healthy. It makes sense when you think about it. Generally, unhappy people say a lot of miserable things, and I can only imagine how dark their thoughts can go. I will put a link to the podcast at the bottom it was compelling and got me thinking a lot about how I say things and think about ideas and ways I could improve on that.

So what are your favorite things? I’ll tell you mine. Well, I have a lot of favorite things, so I will list ten of them.

  1. God, church, worship.
  2. My daughter’s hugs, She has the most fantastic energy, and you can’t help but walk away feeling loved and happy.
  3. Sitting beside the ocean watching the waves roll in, moving my toes around in the sand.
  4. Sitting on the front porch drinking hot tea while it’s raining, the air smells so amazing and it just feels so fresh and new outside.
  5. Taking train rides, my mom never drove growing up, so we took the train often, and we always had a great time when I was younger. I remember those feelings and they still make me smile. There’s something magical about putting on your headphones and listening to your favorite playlist in the observatory cart of a train. Its magical just like the rain.
  6. Reading a good book while laying in a hammock outside.
  7. Painting or drawing while listening to old school music.
  8. A good glass of whiskey or scotch with a steak dinner.
  9. Cuddling while watching a good movie.
  10. Taking a boat out on the water with no time frame to return.

These are just a few of mine but they are memories and thoughts that help me find my happy place. What are a few of your favorite things? Where is your happy place?

5 thoughts on “Find Your Happiness

  1. Madison says:

    I love this!! It’s crazy how that gave me a beautiful new outlook on life and the things that I say about not only myself but others well. 💗

  2. Neco says:

    Wonderful post! Finding your happiness is definitely a never ending journey. However, meditation really does help. I also love how all of your favorite things are simple things! Warms my little heart.

    • Tateonna says:

      Thank you! It’s always the simple things that are the best, so many things to be grateful for. I’m really trying to start meditating daily.

  3. Omar says:

    I have been following affirmation videos that I listen to before I sleep and sometimes in the morning. It makes a huge difference and your mindset does change when you repeat the process. Helpful post.

    • Tateonna says:

      I do the same thing! There’s a YouTube channel that I love that has great morning and night affirmations. I really believe it makes a difference. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

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