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Balancing the Struggle is Real

You sleepily pat the bed hoping to find your phone that is buzzing ever so loudly, yelling at you to wake up. The new alarm app you downloaded that you thought would be so fun in the morning is now your arch nemesis. As you bury your head into the cloud like a pillow you never want to let go of and snuggle back under your cozy comforter, you let out a sigh that would rival any ten years old getting up for school. But, here is the catcher you are not the kid anymore. Nope, you’re now the Mom, Wife, Aunt, Friend, Entrepreneur, and the cook. You have to be the one to happily wake up and set the tone for the rest of the household to start the day right. The thought of a hot cup of tea makes getting up from the warm blankets a little more bearable. You sleepily walk into your kitchen and put on the teapot and find your favorite mug. Your dog hears the movement in the house and comes up to you stretching his legs waking up as well. Alright, the kettle is screaming time to get this morning started.

The next hour is a blur of waking everyone up not once but twice and the youngest sometimes three times. Then making oatmeal and eggs and getting everyone fed, handing out vitamins, getting everyone’s lunches packed, getting the dogs outside to handle their business before you leave to handle yours. Then checking backpacks and finding cell phones, purses, and wallets saying, “Have a great day, I love you.” As each loving member of your family walks out the door. You take a deep breathe and flop back on the couch.

Now it’s just you and the dog that is laying across your legs trying to get you to cuddle. As tempting as that sounds, you know you have to get up and be productive. Where to start, do you clean the kitchen that now looks like a tornado went thru it? Take out the laundry you put in the dryer last night? Do the morning meditation you keep forgetting to do, make it to the gym or open up your laptop and start working? All are good options all are things that need to be done, but alas you are only one person. So you decide to grab your cell phone and put on a ten minute morning meditation you lean back and clothes your eyes and prepare to meditate. Now, this isn’t going to come as a surprise to very many of you, but you then wake up an hour later to the dog licking your face and realizing your one hour shorter of getting things done today.

This is a very real morning for a lot of women out there. Life is a beautiful thing; it’s a blessing to wake up each day and be surrounded by loved ones and have a home and food on the table. But balancing the stress with the beauty, so you don’t get burned out or overwhelmed is the struggle. Make sure you take the time to try and organize your morning, your day and your goals it does help. I’m kind of old-fashioned where I like to write things down on paper. So take a piece of paper or your favorite cell phone app and make a list of what you want to accomplish today. Then knock it out one by one, breath by breath, minute by minute. Even if you don’t get everything on your list accomplished having it written down for you to see can be a huge help. Whatever you don’t get done can always be done the next day. We all know there’s not enough hours or minutes in the day so just try to use your time wisely and remember to not be so hard on yourself. We are human, and we will make mistakes, but our mistakes do NOT define us. Don’t let anything hold you back today. You are unstoppable. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Doing meal prep as a family on Sundays is a great way to make sure you’re prepared for the week. Plan out what you’d like to have for dinner for the week ahead. Make sure you take the time to meditate and exercise that is just as important and work and breathing. Love yourself, take time to appreciate the day and really be in the moment. I used to hear that a lot and just recently really grasped what it meant. Don’t worry about what did happen, whats going to happen, what could happen, what couldn’t happen. Its all a mind game a major head game that you are always going to lose. But focus on where you are at, listen to the birds, listen to your kids or friends laughing, see your dogs tail wagging because he’s so happy to see you. Take the time to kiss and hug your partner and look in their eyes connect for a minute throughout the day when you can. Doing little things each day that recharge your batteries, grounding really helps also. Grounding is so simple you just go outside barefoot and feel the grass and dirt under your feet.  It’s important to connect with nature to be able to connect with yourself. 

Remember to take time to breathe, take time to enjoy your food not just gulp it down so you can leave for work. In the movie, “Eat, Pray Love” that was one of her main complaints was that she couldn’t taste her food anymore, she forgot to enjoy the simple things in life that we all take for granted.

2 thoughts on “Balancing the Struggle is Real

  1. Janita says:

    You wrote this posts perfectly! I can definitely relate to this. I often forget to just sit back and enjoy. I loved the part where you said take them time to kiss and hug your partner. This is extremely important. Thank you for sharing, the struggle truely is real !

  2. Linda says:

    Often times we forget so many of the little things. Life goes at a faster pace and things are forgotten. You put things into perspective for your blog readers and it’s truly a breath of fresh air. Love this blog. Keep them comin!

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