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100 Good Deeds

  1. Bake a treat for someone
  2. Bring cupcake’s to your hairstylist
  3. Bring flowers to a nursing home, it will really brighten their day!
  4. Buy coffee for the person behind you.
  5. Donate used clothing to the shelter
  6. Give an unexpected gift
  7. Leave change taped to a vending machine to pay for the next persons treat
  8. Make or buy a bird feeder fill it with food and hang up around your home, trust me it will brighten your day as well as helping the birds
  9. Put something you no longer need on offer up or facebook market for FREE
  10. Send a handmade card to someone
  11. Volunteer your time
  12. Write a thank you note for someone close to you just letting them know they are appreciated
  13. Leave a treat and thank you note for the mailman
  14. Purchase a meal for a homeless person
  15. Make a nice comment on a blog
  16. Give an inspirational book to a friend and write a little note inside the cover
  17. Leave a Random Act of Kindness gift for a neighbor
  18. Make 5 blessing bags for the homeless hand them out
  19. Give someone a Starbucks gift card
  20. Plant something
  21. Smile at strangers the whole day
  22. Leave a bucket of tennis balls at the dog park
  23. Paint inspirational stones and scatter them around your neighborhood
  24. Put coins in a parking meter that is about to expire
  25. Leave a nice review on an online business you’ve ordered from on Amazon or eBay, it really helps the business owner
  26. Leave your favorite book somewhere random with a note for someone to enjoy it
  27. Leave quarters at a laundry mat
  28. Make care packages for Vets in your area
  29. Become an organ donor
  30. Leave quarters in a vending machine in the ER
  31. Pay for someone’s meal in the drive-thru
  32. Tape a box of popcorn to a Redbox
  33. Give a random a nice compliment
  34. Send pizza anonymously to someone you know could use a night off from cooking
  35. Sit with someone who is eating alone
  36. Leave a Random Act of Kindness note and flowers on someone’s car
  37. Donate to a good cause
  38. Put stray grocery carts back where they belong
  39. Put $1 bills inside books at your local library with a Random Act of Kindness note
  40. Send an encouraging card to a sick child thru
  41. Leave a nice treat or Gatorade/Water for your Garbageman/woman and thank you note
  42. Say a prayer for someone
  43. Collect and hand out blankets for the homeless
  44. Hold the door open for the person behind you
  45. Take flowers to someone in the hospital
  46. Leave random sticky notes with kind quotes on the mirror of a public restroom
  47. Draw chalk doodles on the sidewalks of your neighborhood to make someone smile
  48. Draw a random hopscotch with the words Have fun!
  49. Drop off animal treats to an animal shelter
  50. Help your neighbor unload groceries
  51. Buy someone’s food behind you in a drive-thru
  52. Cook a homemade meal with your family and eat together
  53. Give out random compliments to strangers it’ll make their day
  54. Leave a heads up lucky penny at each stop you make
  55. Leave sticky notes with random inspirational words inside books in your local bookstore
  56. Send out a thank you tweet just saying how you appreciate the people in your life
  57. Spend time with the animals at ASPCA
  58. Drop off balloons at your local Senior Center
  59. Buy a gift card inside target and give it to a someone that is walking in as your walking out
  60. Pick up the phone and call, no not text but actually call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  61. Go out to eat and pay for someone else’s meal
  62. Give flowers to your grandmother
  63. Bring donuts to your local fire station
  64. Hand out homemade cookies to the homeless
  65. Leave flowers on a random grave
  66. Sign up at
  67. Anonymously pay for someone’s gas at the gas station
  68. Get a gift card to the grocery store and hand it out to someone shopping
  69. Drop off coloring books and crayons to the children’s ward at the hospital
  70. Feed the geese at the park
  71. Give a thank you card and snack to the toll man, or park ranger station
  72. Pick up trash at your local  park
  73. Put a cup of pennies at your favorite wishing fountain
  74. Drop off food at your local food bank
  75. Walk a neighbors dog
  76. Babysit for free
  77. Thank a teacher with a gift
  78. Write a letter instead of a text to someone special
  79. Wash someone’s car
  80. Sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister
  81. Be kind to yourself!!
  82. Take the time to appreciate the sunrise and the sunset
  83. Write encouraging posts online (Facebook, Instagram)
  84. Write letters to the military/veterans
  85. Sponsor a child
  86. Donate your talents
  87. Send a care package to a soldier
  88. Bring donuts to work
  89. Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you in line
  90. Leave your waiter a generous tip
  91. Leave some new toys at the park for the kids
  92. Donate a cat tree to an animal shelter
  93. Start a piggy bank for a good cause
  94. Sign up to be a military pen pal
  95. Make and wear a Free Hugs T-Shirt
  96. Pay for someone’s groceries at the grocery store
  97. Buy a homeless man/woman a new outfit
  98. Get to know a stranger by starting a conversation
  99. Donate a little extra to your Church
  100. Inspire others to do random acts of kindness!!!


100 Good Deeds

I think it’s so important to give back, we all have a story, a past. We have all been thru ups and downs, had good days and bad. You always remember the moments of kindness, the selfless acts people stepped out of their way to do for you. It reminds you that there is good in the world, that even though you’re having a bad day you are not alone. You matter and you are loved. What is something nice someone has done for you? What is a random act of kindness you have been the recipient of? I made such a large list so you can adapt your good deeds to you and be creative with it! I would leave to hear what happened along the way of your journey of giving back.

There is also a company called 1GD Bracelets for a Cause that you can get a really cool bracelet that has 100 glass beads and a link that you pull over each bead every time to you do a good deed so over the course of the year you can keep track of how many Good Deeds you’ve done! I think its a really cool concept.

2 thoughts on “100 Good Deeds

  1. Lidia says:

    Random acts of kindness are such incredible gestures that many don’t realize how big of an impact they can truly make on someone’s day or even their life. I wholeheartedly agree that they are so important and remind us of how much good & love there still is in the world. Great post and I can’t wait to implement the ideas you listed above!

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